About Zoe's Alahas

Hola, Hello🤍
Welcome to Zoe’s.Alahas 
I’m a 31 years old dreamer, a wife, a mother of two princess and a stepmom of two young boys.Most people know me as “Kiry” but my name is Elizabeth Rivera some even call me “Zoe”.And to tell you the true I actually love it.
When I first started to do Jewelry, It gave me that sense of fulfillment and Joy. Within minutes I started to think for a meaningful name to put on my small business. Zoes not only means “Vida” which is life in Greek but is also my two daughters middle names. Zoes Alahas comes from a life that reflect the real authentic me, doing it with the people that matter the most to me. This handmade Jewelry are full of life, dreams, emotions and strength of hope. 
I want you all to feel confident, radiant of being your own unique self. Zoes alahas is for All ages, Zoe’s is all about your unique sense of style and what makes you feel more beautiful than what you already are and I hope to achieve this by adding colorful pieces into your life. 
Xoxo Zoe’s Alahas 
Have fun shopping